Spicy Chese + Hot BBQ + Chilli Garlic Fries Masala
The Fries Masala Trio Spicy Cheese or Chilli Garlic or Hot BBQ?! Shake some over your fries to make the best fries in town! Spicy Cheese Fries Seasoning - 75gm Hot BBQ Fries Seasoning - 75gm Chilli Garlic Fries Seasoning - 75gm
Crispy Fried Chicken Mix + Fries Masala
The Fried Combo Crispy Fried Chicken Mix 75gm + Fries Masala 75gm Satisfy your crispy crunchy cravings with our ultimate Fried Combo! Delicious crispy fried chicken with masala fries! Crispy, Spicy, Yumm! 
Organic Brown Rice 1.5kg + Himalayan Pink Salt 800g
The Health Starter Pack Organic Brown Rice Jar 1.5kg + Himalayan Pink Salt 800gm The perfect Health Pack to kick-start your healthy lifestyle!
Podina + Zeera Raita Masala
Raita Masala Combo Enjoy Podina raita and Zeera raita with all your favourite meals as the perfect side dish! Podina Raita Masala - 75gm Zeera Raita Masala - 80gm
Himalayan Pink Salt + Black Peppercorn Grinder
The Salt & Pepper Combo The perfect addition to your dining tables. Use our premium grinders to add flavour to all your dishes! Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder - 200gm Whole Black Peppercorn Grinder - 85gm
Vermicelli Bundle Pack
Vermicelli Bundle Pack
Vermicelli Bundle Pack Falak Vermicelli 150gm x 2 Falak Vermicelli is great fro making traditional desserts like Meethi Seviyan and Sheer Khurma. Falak Vermicelli is free from artificial colours and flavours. Upon cooking the vermicelli maintains its shape.
Chaat Masala + Dahi Bara Masala
Chatpata Snack Combo Chaat Masala 100g + Dahi Bara Masala 80g Take your snack time a level up with our Chatapata Snack Combo! Perfect for making yummy snacks when you're short on time!
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