Fries Masala - 75gm
Falak Fries Masala is the perfect seasoning for French fries to give them that extra delicious spicy kick. It can also be used to sprinkle over pakoras and samosas. 
Peri Peri Seasoning - 80gm
Falak Peri Peri Seasoning is a delicious blend of exotic spices. It is great for using as a dry rub for steaks and chicken. It is also perfect to sprinkle over fries, salaf, soups, sauces and more. 
Chaat Masala - 100gm
Falak Chaat Masala may be sprinkled on Dahi Baras, Fruit Chaat, Salads, Aloo Cholay, Haleem, Fish and all types of lentils to make you meal extra savoury and chatpata.
Podina Raita Masala (Mint Yoghurt) - 75gm
Falak Podina Raita Masala is a delicious mint yoghurt mix. It can also be sprinkled on plain yoghurt and all sorts of salads. 
Kala Namak (Black Salt) - 120gm
Falak Kala Namak or Black Salt is a traditional mineral salt of the South East Asia. It is perfect for sprinkling over fruits, fruit salads and drinks. Ingredients: Black salt
Dahi Bara Masala - 80gm
Falak Dahi Bara Masala is the perfect blend of spices, roasted to perfection that give your Dahi Baras the best chatpata flavor! It can also be sprinkled over fruits, aaloo cholay, haleem and all types of lentils. 
Garlic Powder - 70gm
Falak Garlic Powder is pure dehydrated garlic, ideal for using in spice rubs, curries and stews. It is also used as a seasoning on meat, vegetables, pasta, breads and salads for enhancing their flavour. 
Black Peppercorn - 100gm
100% pure, finest quality whole black peppercorns. Perfect for using as a seasoning over all sorts of salads, soups and meat.
Zeera Raita Masala - 80gm
Falak Zeera Raita Masala is a delicious spicy cumin yoghurt mix. It can also be sprinkled on plain yoghurt and all sorts of salads.
Ginger Powder - 60gm
Falak Ginger Powder is pure fine ground ginger, idea for using in stews, curries and spice rubs. It can also be used for seasoning cakes, cookies and breads, and for making herbal teas. 
Onion Powder - 60gms
Falak Onion powder is perfect for using in spice rubs and marinades. It is also great as a seasoning over soups, creamy dips, pizza, salads and more. How to use: Substitute 1 tsp Falak Onion Powder for 1/3 cup chopped...
Oregano Leaves - 30gm
Falak Oregano Leaves is great for Italian inspired recipes like pizzas, pastas for an authentic taste. Sprinkle it over your food or use as an ingredient in cooking! 
Paprika Powder - 85gm
Falak Paprika Powder is used to season and colour rice, stews, soups and pastas. It has a sweet and mild taste. It is also used as a dry rub for chicken and steak.
Meat Tenderizer - 100gm
Falak Meat Tenderizer creates tender, melt in your mouth delicious dishes and reduces your cooking time. How to use: Rub 1 tbsp. of Falak Meat Tenderizer on 1kg of meat. Make sure the meat is wet so the tenderizer sticks...
Black Pepper Powder - 75m
Falak Black Pepper Powder is great for sprinkling over Soups, Fruits Chaat, Eggs and Pasta. It is ideal for enhancing flavor and adding spice.  Ingredients: Black pepper
Texas Burger Seasoning - 80gm
Made carefully with paprika. onion, garlic and black pepper, our Gourmet Texas Burger seasoning will make your dinners extra special. Just shake some Falak Texas Burger seasoning on your meat for a flavour explosion!
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